Adapta Traductions provides translations into over 40 languages across a wide range of fields. To meet your needs, we select the right translator from our panel of more than 400 highly qualified professionals. All of our translators are specialists who work into their mother tongue and combine sensitivity to the finest shades of meaning with meticulous attention to detail. They can handle any format (Excel charts, slide presentations etc.). We seek to provide faithful and intelligent translations into the language of your profession, your business, your institution, your market.

Résumés, diplomas & cover letters

Applying for a job in a language you are not fluent in can be tricky and result in your application not being the best it could be. Give yourself the best chance and have your documents translated by a professional.

Official documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.)

We provide certified translations of official documents and have them validated by the relevant authority.

Business & finance

Reports, publications, presentations and newsletters: in business, communication is key. Ensure your message is delivered to your multilingual audience clearly and faithfully, in the knowledge that all your documents will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.

International organizations

Established in Geneva, the heart of European diplomacy, Adapta Traductions is proud that many international institutions and NGOs entrust it with their translation needs. Whether these are statements or reports, written material for conferences or policies, we guarantee the highest level of confidentiality, correct use of terminology and timely delivery.

Educational institutes

Switzerland is home to many prestigious international schools and universities. Adapta Traductions can help showcase your institution to an international audience by applying the Swiss quality touch to the translation of your brochures, publications, website and other marketing materials.

Medical & pharmaceutical

In this field, an inaccurate translation or interpretation of the medical data can have a severe impact on people’s health and lives. At Adapta Traductions, we understand that and provide high-quality and accurate translations done by experienced translators specialized in the medical field.

Museums & art galleries

You can trust Adapta Traductions to translate your exhibition descriptions, leaflets, audio guides and video subtitling creatively and carefully, conveying the same feeling and depth to your multilingual audiences as the primary language.


In today’s increasingly competitive and global market, an attractive and well-presented website is a must. This often means integrating multilanguage pages to showcase your business and services for a larger audience. Adapta Traductions will ensure the translated versions of your website are in every way just as professionally worded and enticing as your original language pages.


Breaking down the language barrier