Adapta Traductions provides translations into over 40 languages across a wide range of fields. To meet your needs, we select the right translator from our panel of more than 400 highly qualified professionals. All of our translators are specialists who work into their mother tongue and combine sensitivity to the finest shades of meaning with meticulous attention to detail. They can handle any format (Excel charts, slide presentations etc.). We seek to provide faithful and intelligent translations into the language of your profession, your business, your institution, your market.

Revision / Editing

We recommend revision in cases where your document has been translated by a junior translator or a non-professional. Our revisers are experienced senior translators who have the same language combination and read through the entire document to check that the meaning of the original has been correctly reflected in the translation. They may rephrase sentences to render the translation more fluid and ensure expressions are culturally appropriate and not merely literal translations from one language to the other.

We recommend editing for texts written by non-native speakers and to ensure your documents are produced to the highest professional standards. In line with best practice, our editors will correct grammatical and syntactical errors, ensure the language used is target-group appropriate and idiomatic, check the table of contents against the content of the text, verify any footnotes, standardize the labelling of figures, charts and tables, point out inconsistencies and repetitions – all in line with your in-house guidelines.


Proofreading is the final step before publication of a document. The proofreader will check the text for spelling and grammar mistakes, correct use of punctuation and typography, and consistency in terms of layout. The end result is referred to as “press-proof”.

Conference Interpretation

Interpretation services are required at conferences, seminars and other events where different language users need to communicate with each other. The Adapta Traductions network of interpreters has some of the most experienced and highly qualified professionals in Switzerland and abroad. They are all members of recognized professional interpreters associations and have several years of experience in conference interpretation.

Equipment Rental

Adapta Traductions has microphones and headsets for small conferences and tours; these are available for rent at a very reasonable price. We can also help set up larger events. Call us to assess your needs and provide a competitive quote.


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